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Write a short text (around 150 words) about a travel destination of your choice. Try to convey the characteristics of the destination and to provide an appealing taster of what is to come. In doing so, go into detail about two to three of the following points:

  • Sightseeing: Name and describe attractions of the destination that are well known or outstanding.
  • Food: Name and describe regional specialties.
  • Activities: Are there specific activities that would make the destination particularly attractive to holidaymakers? Which activities, and why?
  • Nightlife: Is the destination well-known for its nightlife? What is on offer, and to whom?
  • Shopping: Are there one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities or special regional produce? Where can you find them?

Please make sure to avoid clichés and long, complicated sentences!

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Contract for travel authors

Framework licensing agreement for collaboration in the preparation, distribution and marketing of tourism-related content


TripsByTips GmbH, Am Treptower Park 28-30, 12435 Berlin/Germany
(hereinafter: TripsByTips)


here your name and address after accepted your application
(hereinafter: author)

  • 1. Preamble
    • TripsByTips’s travel writer’s program provides freelance travel writers with the opportunity to generate revenue from their knowledge of tourist destinations and other travel topics. TripsByTips provides a platform for articles relating to tourism and to input information about travel destinations. Writers are paid either via a one-time fixed fee per completed assignment or at a variable rate over long-term, through participation in written advertisements based on number of clicks. The full particulars of the relationship between TripsByTips and the author are governed by this framework licensing agreement.
  • 2. Registration as Author
    • 2.1. Before taking part in the travel writer’s program, a potential author must first register using the form available at http://www.tripsbytips.de/writer/freelance-writing-jobs, thereby submitting an application as author.
    • 2.2. By registering, the author affirms that the personal information provided for registration is accurate and complete.
    • 2.3. Each author may register only once and maintain only one travel writer account.
    • 2.4. The author is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the login data provided during the registration process and to protect such data from access by third parties. The author is responsible for all content circulated under his/her username.
    • 2.5. Admission to the travel writer’s program takes place following review of personal data and approval of a sample text by TripsByTips. TripsByTips reserves the right to reject an application without reason. An applicant possesses no right to participate in the travel writer’s program.
    • 2.6. By applying for the travel writer’s program, the author accepts the terms of the contract as it exists.
    • 2.7. In the event of an infringement by the author against the terms of the contract, TripsByTips is entitled at any time to bar the author from using the website and to cancel the author’s registration.
  • 3. Duties of the Author
    • 3.1. The author pledges,
      • 3.1.1. to publish only original content he/she wrote him-/herself, which contains no content -- in whole or in part -- copied from third parties.
      • 3.1.2. not to publish content previously published in TripsByTips, including excerpts, on other internet sites or other electronic media or to allow such publication by third parties.
      • 3.1.3. not to engage in the promotion of any product or service in the content he/she provides, except where explicitly contracted to do so by TripsByTips,
      • 3.1.4. not to use access to the travel writer’s section to entice away other travel writers. The attempted or consummated enticement of travel writers shall lead to the immediate termination of the contract by TripsByTips. In such an event, TripsByTips retains the right to pursue further legal action.
    • 3.2. The author ensures that he/she is the lawful holder of all rights, in particular of copyrights or transferable rights of use and exploitation, to content he/she creates and that he/she is entitled to transfer those rights listed under no. 4 below to TripsByTips.
    • 3.3. The author ensures that the content he/she provides does not violate the law and penal provisions, does not infringe against the rights of third parties nor causes harm to third parties. The author expressly pledges to refrain from submitting content, the publication of which
      • 3.3.1. is actionable, such as anything of a sexist, pornographic, racist, inciteful, untruthful, derogatory, threatening, intimidating, anti-religious and anti-constitutional nature,
      • 3.3.2. is unlawful, such as anything with content that infringes against property rights (e.g. copyrights and/or trademark rights) or the privacy rights of third parties (e.g. the right to control one’s image),
      • 3.3.3. causes harm to third parties, such as through the use of derogatory or commercially detrimental texts and images,
    • 3.4. The author cannot assign the rights and obligations created by this agreement to third parties.
    • 3.5. Content created by the author must be approved by TripsByTips. The author agrees that TripsByTips can require the author to revise a submission prior to its final acceptance. In this instance, the author is required to complete the revision within a specified period of time. Should he/she fail to do so, the assignment will be withdrawn and the author will not receive payment. Following revision, TripsByTips can accept, return for futher revision or reject the submission. Generally, a request for revision will only be issued if the text has not already been accepted or rejected. TripsByTips will always provide grounds for a rejection.
    • 3.6. TripsByTips’s obligation to pay remuneration does not apply in the event the author fails to fulfill the obligations previously described. In that case, payment for previously approved content is to be refunded to TripsByTips. In addition, TripsByTips retains the right to pursue further legal action.
  • 4. Transfer of Rights of Use and Copyright
    • 4.1 The author irrevocably transfers to TripsByTips exclusive rights of use and exploitation for content produced for the travel writer’s program and approved by TripsByTips according to the following conditions:
      • 4.1.1 The author irrevocably transfers to TripsByTips exclusive rights of use and exploitation for content produced for the travel writer’s program and approved by TripsByTips according to the following conditions:
      • 4.1.2 The transferred rights of use and exploitation encompass all known forms of use and exploitation, in particular the right to publish the content in electronic media (internet, mobile, radio, etc.).
      • 4.1.3 The transferred rights of use and exploitation are unlimited with regard to geographic location and time.
      • 4.1.4 TripsByTips may assign the transferred rights of use and exploitation to third parties. In this event, the author relinquishes his/her right to be named as creator.
    • 4.2 The transfer of rights of use and exploitation is conditional upon acceptance of the relevant content by TripsByTips. The nature and extent of the use as well as exploitation of content created by the author is solely the discretion of TripsByTips. The author has no right to expect that TripsByTips will publish the content he/she creates or that the use and exploitation of the content he/she creates shall occur in a specific form or manner.
  • 5. Compensation
    • 5.1. TripsByTips shall compensate the author for the transferral of the rights of use and exploitation of content created by the author and accepted by TripsByTips. The transferral of the rights of use and exploitation for content created by the author is discharged through this payment. The travel writer’s program distinguishes between two payment models: set fee (fixed) and/or participation in advertising campaigns (variable).
      • 5.1.1. Set amount (fixed): TripsByTips offers this form of payment for content intended both for publication on the website www.tripsbytips.de as well as for sublicensing; 4.2. remains thereby unaffected. The amount of the set fee is shown in the orders list and is therefore known by the author prior to acceptance of the assignment. Following acceptance by TripsByTips of content created by the author, the set fee shall be credited to the author’s travel writer account.
      • 5.1.2. Participation in advertising (variable). TripsByTips offers this form of payment for content intended for publication on the website; 4.2. remains thereby unaffected. The variable form of payment is identified in order lists as “share” where the author is informed of the variable payment rate prior to submission of content. The amount of payment is determined by a number of factors (e.g. author activity such as the number of articles published over the period of a month or through special incentives such as author campaigns and contests) adjusted to technical parameters and ultimately at TripsByTips’s discretion based on TripByTips’s share in ad revenue as generated monthly through clicks on written advertisements, appearing on all TripsByTips sub-pages containing complete presentations of the author’s articles, whereby the author’s share in these ad revenues shall be no less than 30% and no more than 60%. In the interest of both parties, TripsByTips will seek to integrate written ads that generate click-based revenue as optimally as possible on every page of the website. TripsByTips cannot, however, offer any guarantee in that regard. Variable payments will be credited to the author’s travel writer account at the latest on the 10th day of each subsequent month.
    • 5.2. Payment to travel writers occurs by means of a travel writer account included as part of the travel writer’s program. All author payments up to 25 € will be credited to the author’s travel writer account. For each month in which the value to be credited to the travel writer account exceeds 25 €, payment will be made to the author by the 15th day of the subsequent month. In exceptional cases, TripsByTips may, for technical reasons, delay payment. In such an event, TripsByTips will inform the author beforehand by email.
    • 5.3. Optionally, payment may be made to the autor’s personal bank account (Girokonto) in Germany by means of bank transfer or, alternately, by means of a transfer to his/her personal PayPal account registered to the email address supplied to TripsByTips. If the author does not have a personal bank account (Girokonto) in Germany, the author is obliged to establish a PayPal account registered to the email address listed in the travel writer’s program. In this case, payment must take place via PayPal into the author’s personal PayPal account. The author shall, in any event, ensure that payment is directed solely to an account that belongs to him/her personally.
    • 5.4. Current account balances will not be interest-bearing.
    • 5.5. In the event the author does not provide TripsByTips with all necessary information for payment within two months after acquiring a minimum payment of 25 €, any amount not paid out by that time shall be forfeited to TripsByTips.
    • 5.6. Payment shall be made only for content accepted by TripsByTips. No payment will be made for rejected content or not published.
    • 5.7. TripsByTips specifically stipulates that payments made in relation to the travel writer’s program are considered self-employment income and that the author is responsible for payment of any applicable taxes or for including such income in his/her tax return statement.
    • 5.8. If the author verifies to TripsByTips that he/she is subject to value added tax, payment then includes the statutory value added tax. In this case, the author is obliged to provide TripsByTips with his/her taxpayer ID number or value added tax ID number.
  • 6. Fraud through generation of clicks
    • 6.1. The author is prohibited,
      • 6.1.1. from clicking on any advertisements included on TripsByTimps web pages in which his/her own content appears,
      • 6.1.2. performing technical manipulations that simulate clicking on these advertisements,
      • 6.1.3. from artificially generating additional page impressions (page requests) for his/her own content either him-/herself, by means of technical manipulation or through third parties. This does not include occasional test checks undertaken as part of normal use of the website.
      • 6.1.4. from prompting third parties to click on these advertisements, whether directly or indirectly,
    • 6.2. In case of a breach of the provisions contained in No. 6.1 above, TripsByTips will block the author from accessing the travel writer’s program and refuse to pay the author both accrued and anticipated future payments. In addition, TripsByTips reserves the right to take further legal action.
    • 6.3. The foregoing provisions Nos. 6.1 and 6.2 shall be valid indefinitely following termination of the agreement by one or both parties.
  • 7. Termination
    • 7.1. The contractual relationship can be terminated by either party at any time by email or by using the tools provided in the travel writer’s section of the website.
    • 7.2. In the event of termination, the author will no longer have access to the travel writer’s section of the website.
    • 7.3. Should the agreement be terminated by the author, transfer of the rights of use and exploitation for content created by the author remains unaffected, as per No. 4, above; claims for payment pursuant to No. 5.1.2 expire at the time the agreement is terminated. In addition, the author is not entitled to delete his/her content. TripsByTips has an unfettered right to alter, publish exploit that content.
    • 7.4. Should the agreement be terminated by TripsByTips, transfer of the rights of use and exploitation to content created by the author remains unaffected, pursuant to No. 4, above, and defined payment obligations on the part of TripsByTips remain unchanged, so long as the travel writer account accrues a total of more than 25 € in variable payments during the twelve consecutive months following termination of the agreement. Otherwise, when total payments owed to the author over the course of twelve months amout to less than 25 €, the author’s claim for payment is voided.
    • 7.5. In the event of membership termination in the travel writer’s program, the author remains a member of the website.
  • 8. Indemnity
    • 8.1. The author is obliged to release TripsByTips from all claims by third parties arising from the misuse or unlawful use of the website and its contents or from the use of the same not in conformity with the agreement.
    • 8.2. The author is obliged to support TripsByTips in its defense against such claims, in particular by providing all information necessary for such a defense.
    • 8.3. The author is obligated to refund TripsByTips for damages arising from the successful enforcement of such claims by third parties.
  • 9. Data Security and Availability
    • 9.1. TripsByTips performs data backup at regular intervals.
    • 9.2. In the event of a loss of data, TripsByTips will undertake efforts to remedy the problem or restore the data as quickly as possible. However, TripsByTips is under no obligation to do so.
    • 9.3. TripsByTips cannot guarantee the permanent availability of its services.
  • 10. Exemption from Liability
    • 10.1. TripsByTips cannot guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the travel writer’s program or content submitted to it. TripsByTips is not obligated to display the contents or to create backup copies.
  • 11. Non-Disclosure
    • 11.1. The author hereby warrants to maintain the confidentiality of all information that shall become known to him/her, either directly or indirectly, as part of collaboration and to use such information only within the context of the assignment for TripsByTips and not to allow third-party access to such information. This encompasses, in particular but not exclusively, information provided for the purpose of training travel writers, screenshots of the travel writer’s program as well as the contents of this agreement.
    • 11.2. In addition, the author pledges not to use, for any other purposes, any information or documentation conveyed or made available to him/her within the context of the travel writer’s program, in particular not for purposes of competition.
  • 12. Validity
    • 12.1. The agreement becomes valid for both parties for an unlimited period when the author candidate clicks on the field “I accept the conditions applicable to the travel writer’s section“.
    • 12.2. The agreement can be altered upon approval by both parties. Requests for changes on the part of TripsByTips will be communicated by TripsByTips either via email or by publication of the requested changes in the travel writer’s section of the website. The author can either acknowledge consent or decline the changes online in the travel author’s section of the website. If the author should publish new content following notification of changes via email or by publication in the travel writer’s section of the website, the changes will then be considered to have been accepted.
  • 13. Concluding Provisions
    • 13.1. The contractual relationship is subject to German law. Berlin shall be the venue of legal jurisdiction.
    • 13.2. Should any clause contained in these General Terms & Conditions be or become void, that shall then apply which parties would have intended, had they known or been mindful of the invalidity of these General Terms & Conditions.